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9th - 23rd June

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A virtual festival & conference.

The goal? To help you level up & manifest a better future.


Watch the action live.



Thursday June 9th

Opening Ceremonies!

Get ready for a jam-packed 2 weeks! 55+ plus speakers, panels, workshops, and more...

Welcome to MetaFest2! Let’s break the ice with some social games and fun. Time to start the festivities. Game-on!

Friday-Saturday June 10th-11th

MetaVerse Days

Looks like some damn good Pie. Let’s eat desert first.

Word on the street is, a lot is happening in “the” MetaVerse. MetaGamers are active in NeosVR, (crypto)Voxels, Webaverse, Atlantis World, and more. Don’t miss the Voxels Scavenger Hunt with Prize!, other blockchain games, music, and digital fashion!

Sunday June 12th

Sunday Funday #1

All work and no play, makes Nova swim in circles.

Sunday Funday is our weekend day of play and entertainment. Join us for live events in MetaVerse worlds, music, games, possible POAPs, and more!

Monday June 13th

Tooling Day

How does that work? How do we work?

We stood on top of this toolbox to close it. Careful when opening. Catch DAO organizational platforms, bounty/ achievement systems, and more. Discover the emerging tools of web3.

Tuesday-Thursday June 14th-16th

DAOs in Web3

Speakers! Panels! Workshops!

Three packed days of DAOS and Web3. Learn everything from DAO incubation to funding & marketing, to DAO compliance & taxes, DAO comic books, DAO digi-physical merch to finding your soul in DAOs. Get to know some MetaAlliance and future MetaAlliance members. Don’t miss the Women in Web3 Panel!

To enter MetaFest2, you will have to donate to our Gitcoin grant or donate to our Giveth project... jk jk just enter!


Welcome to a week of pretty sweet workshops...

When and What?

The Schedule is packed. The Learn to DAO like a boss, find a new career, fall down Metaverse rabbit holes & even find your soul...

Head to the Schedule for the latest info, calendar*.
Application forms can be found on the Applications page.

* All times shown in UTC


All workshops happen in MetaFest2 Discord #metastage*

* no reservation required. (but you will need to verify you're not a 🤖)

Open Quests / Help Needed!

Get involved in the event! Who knows what will come of it?

Watch this space for active quests and ways to help out with MetaFest2 or just hop into the MetaFest2 Discord and ask how to help - it is a great way to play MetaGame.

Check the Applications page for the contributors application form and as always, you can join our Discord, tag an '@Innkeeper' or '@Octo Facilitator' and see what needs doing.


Here's who's on over the next few days? For full schedule info, check the schedule.

Coming up...


Metafest 2 full dive: The MetaGame HQ

Join us at our HQ and explore the metaverse as we join together
in games, scavenger hunts, learning, and other fun events.

Web3 JobFair: Seeking honor and glory in the most meaningful web3 orgs?

Come to the Job Fair and find your place!

CryptoVoxel Wearables Gallery: Come browse our excellent wearables

All hand made with love by MetaGamers!

MetaFest Chat

Come and join the discusion.

Apply here

🎉 Join the party! 🎉

MetaFest2 needs YOU👇

What is an event without amazing folks like you! People who want to help organise & greet, tell us about their projects, teach, sing, code...we'd love to see you. Apply below.









Job Fair

Job Fair

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